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Supply Chain: Biggest Shortages in 2022

Supply chain issues, bad weather, and a global pandemic have caused major supply chain issues for awhile now.

Here are some of the biggest shortages seen in 2021 that could continue into 2022.

Baby formula

Baby formula shortages seem to be doing a bit better than some food shortages, but it depends on locations and stores.

According to USA Today, by the end of the Jan. 2 week, the largest retailers had over 20% of their baby formula out of stock.


Cream cheese

Cream cheese has been out of stock for awhile now.

It’s been so bad that Kraft offered to help purchase customers a different dessert during the holiday season because people couldn’t make cheesecake.

A combination of labor issues, the pandemic, and disruptions in the supply chain continue to be obstacles.


Cat and dog food

Pet stores are struggling to keep popular brands on their shelves due to shipping and aluminum issues.

Many consumers have shared that they struggle to find their regular brands, especially canned food.

Not only is there supply chain issues influencing this, but the pandemic has caused people to spend more time with their animals, leading to more feeding.


Chicken tenders

Chicken tenders are in need of additional processing and packaging, which involves labor.

The labor shortage within factories is creating a shortage of tenders.


Toilet paper

Toilet paper was one of the first major shortages Americans experienced in 2020 when the pandemic started.

People panicked at the idea of not knowing what could happen, and ended up buying way more toilet paper than they actually needed.

Not only did the increase in demand start the supply issues up, but the products needed to make toilet paper are seeing a shortage